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Shubhodayayam 2019

Swach Bharat

  • Some people dedicating all time (Swach Grahi _Ganga vichàr manch) cleaning Ganga banks in freezing conditions
  • Udaan theatercompany doing awareness program in Bilaspur and also going door to door giving wet/ dry dustbin and collecting it.
    Refer to below video to watch it
  • Government/Law/Agriculture 🌱
  • Ayushman Bharat – Golden 8 given only if name in Ration Card database is in your Ayushman data.. So please get check out and find further details your self
  • PM to inagurate bonanza of projects in Jharkhand an Odisha worth Rs 7332 crore where there something for everyone in line with sabka sàth sabka vikas
  • Government to open Amrut medical center franchise in major cities which provides various medical and implants at very cheap price.. You can tie up with government to start a good franchise business . It’s win win deal for ALL . Tenders to be listed from 9January
  • If you keep gold in bank rather than in house then you have rebate in income tax
  • Arabian sea tourism with capacity of 150 passengers to be started by government
  • India likely to surpass UK making India 5th largest economy
  • Ayodhya listening postponed to 10 January.. congress playing football with judiciary as usual
  • Some place in Haryana have been awaiting ration card for 13 years.. their water is over
  • Himachal Pradesh to offer scheme(HimCare) for free treatment of Rs 5 lac at government hospital. Note this is different from Ayushman Bharat
  • 7th pay commission increase pay of 8 lac government workers in some state.. Find details
  • AP government to give Maruti Swift car to brahmin youth whi are unemployed .. So communal appeasment after insulting Hindu Brahmins especially in Tirupati 🤣🤣
    I am employed 17 years and I don’t dare to buy it
  • Postal deposit schemes of 1 year to give higher interest returns
  • Axis bank has increased rates on loans
  • E Commerce shopping limitations rules to limit transactions amount per transaction in discussion
  • Agriculture ministry to declare many more for Farmers probably on 9th January beside what already told
  • Link your pan card to Adhaar by 31 March final
  • New patent drug excluded from price control for 5 years
  • Information like Name in your Adhaar will be considered genuine if different in your Gas , Ration card.. So keep information in Adhaar correct
  • PF rates might be increased . Further App being developed to help people track and analysis of the PF *Railways/Airways
  • Eatables and beverage not to be charged extra starting 31 March 2019 .. POS Vending machines to be installed from which travellers can buy and get bill
  • List of Eatables And Beverage will be available publicly with price list with it Also mentioning “DONT GIVE TIP “. If no bill given, your food is free. This after March 2019
  • Helpline number to be provided to travellers to report any security instances by January 2019 Weather
    Cold wave in northern state intensive.. Kargil -18C
  • Andamman an Odisha cyclone alert
  • Gadget/Gizmos/App
  • Some Apps available in Google store are being used to spy upon you.. List I have
    _Spy Camera (high quality)
    _Find my kids
    _Ear agent super hearing
    _Cell tracker
    _Fake call agent killer
    If you gathered then find if my information is correct and act accordingly
  • Robot with artificial 3to identify explosive and hazardous materials exibited in Indian Science Congress is new invention of India
  • US has approved device linkage to Google which will run just by understand movement of hand.. Lol imagine when you shake hand your toilet flush goes on 🤣 International
  • 6th Jan first solar ecllipse


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