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What is constitution and preamble of Constitution .. also do people follow democracy?

Constitution is law frame under which equal rights, duties and liabilities are defined .. Preamble clearly explain in nutshell what all laws defined in constitution stand for…
Picture shared shows the points to ponder in preamble.. *Sovereign* means we people are ruling with no external interfere with help of governance and *ARMY* *Socialist* here means people will have equal share of rights and money.. so what efforts are we people well off above 50% doing? Forget doing, we look at beggars on road as extreme untouchables.. how democratic is this attitude of your? Democratic republic refers to Parliamentary government chosen by us .. which means we need to know everything parliament does.. which we take information from the sold media which have become mouth piece of the parties..and it seems we people have adopted to pain by accepting it normal and solution abnormal

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