DIDI Protest for and by Injustice

When we discuss a ponzi cheat schemes,  it is not just about the money, politics.  We and all of media don’t really look or care about the people who suffered and are still suffering under this. This LINK shows a ver small window of what suffering of people who are cheated by DIDI ponzi cheater gang.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched a ‘Save the Constitution’ protest in Kolkata on Sunday evening after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) landed in the city to question Police.

All of MAHAGATBANDHAN came in support for the cause of prottecting corruption and wrong doing of IPS Rajeev Kumar and all involved.
For instance CHITAMBARAM family link to this ponzi scheme cheat.One could imagine what participation and profit and share all these coallation has in this. Its a shame that leaders like Naidu and others came in support of this anti constitution,  anti people, anti national institution (CBI) have stomach to claim otherwise.

Some shaeful pictures of hof how CBI officers were taken in full fledged goonism. Slide picture to see all.


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Commissioner Rajeev Kumar in the Saradha and Rose Valley chit fund cases. Kumar was heading the Special Investigation Team (SIT) Mamta Banerjee’s government had set up to investigate the Rose Valley scam back in 2013.

The scrolling new belows shows the various eventualities with regards to Sharada scam.


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    SARADA SCAM in 12 points

    1. The Saradha Scam is a major financial scam and Ponzi scheme run by Saradha Group, a consortium of over 200 private companies.

    2. The group collected around ₹200 to 300o billion from over 1.7 million depositors before it collapsed in April 2013.

    3. SIT constituted on 26 April 2014 headed by IPS Rajiv Kumar under Mamata Banerjee's TMC.

    4. On 9 May 2014 Supreme Court gave charge of the case to CBI on petition by Congress and Left parties. SC asked CBI to investigate the larger conspiracy angle, the money trail and the regulatory bodies involved in the scam.

    5. Rahul Gandhi tweeted on 8 May 2014 that "20 lakh people lost their money in Chit fund scam in West Bengal". On 19 April 2016 he tweeted Mamataji is "protecting those looting Bengal".

    6. BJP came to power on 26 May 2014 when Modi and his cabinet took oath, but before that the Supreme Court handed Sarada Scam to CBI.

    7. TMC representatives like Madan Mitra, Sudip Bandyopadhyay, Tapas Ghosh and Kunal Ghosh were arrested and some sent to jail, but no action or dharna by Mamata Banerjee!

    8. What is so special with IPS Rajiv Kumar now that she is on dharna? What does he know about the Sarada Scam that TMC is scared of?

    9. Rajiv Kumar was given 3 notices already under Sec 160, and this investigation is being blocked for 3 years by this man who was removed by the Election Commission for partisan behaviour pro-TMC.

    10. CBI has been requesting for evidence for years but they were not given and sensitive evidence like the Red diary and USB pen drives may have been destroyed by Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar.

    11. Non Cooperation with CBI by West Bengal Police by not providing information on SIT Investigating Offices who need to be questioned and supporting persistent non-appearance of these officers.

    12. Under CrPC, CBI under Su

Sharda/ Rose valley scam

Sharada Chit fund fraud which lured lakhs of investors to deposit into ponzi schemes with promise of high returns. The group collecter Rs 200 – 300 billion from over 1.7 million depositors before it collapsed in April 2013. The group was collecting money from new investors to make payment to previously enrolled investors rather than from income generated from investment. ìt was found to be in serious violation with Companies Act, Sebi act and several other penal codes.

It was alledged that WestBengal government had direct connection with Sudipta Sen, Chairman of the chit fund group. The states which were highly affected by the scam are WB, Assam, Odisha, Tripura, Jarkhand. After the government collapsed , WB led government of Mamta Banerjee set relief fund of Rs 500 Cr.


Rose Valley scam was even bigger than the Saradha scam and as per ED estimates Rs 17,520 crore was reportedly raised from investors across India.


GOVERNMENT set new laws to protect innocent investors

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What’s probably in store for cops in wrongb doing

 The home ministry is contemplating stripping six senior officers of West Bengal Police of their meritorious awards and could remove them from the list of seniority for taking part in the dharna by chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

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