Rafael story

Year 2015

G2G deal of 36 Rafael in fly-away condition. Manohar Parekar tells that ealier negotiation of 126 figher deal was dead/ cancelled. In new deal 36 Rafael deal of Rs 59000 Crore for 36 Rafael.

What’s was the original deal?

In the older proposal (which never materialised as a deal) , 108 of 126 fighters were to be assembled by HAL Bangalore.

Some questions which are misguiding everyone

Questions why 36 why only 36 Rafael while original proposal had 126?

Ans: Dwindling squadrons strength of the indian air force is a concern. 42 squdrons is what a full powered air force supposed to have while it has 31 at moment whican further come diwn to to 19 in few more years. These 36 take care of the highercend air force ro replace mig 27 and jaguar.

Questions over higher price for the Rafael jet.

Ans: Refer to link which are best in detail.

Questions over a perticular private defence company.

Dassault CEO clarifies on this. Refer link to learn more.

Questions over not revealing pricing of the deal.

Many minister including FM Arun Jaitley cited national Security reasons for not revealing price as the government is duty bound not to reveal price.

Can we compare the two UPA and NDA deals made?

A big NO is the answer.

  • Price comparison cannot be made in 2 different time frame.
  • Different weapon suites in both having a completely different set of guarantees.

How the controversy affects India Security?

  • Severely weakened Indian Airforce by blocking Rafael deal. UPA in its 10 year regime did nothing to improve or replenish army and splurged people’s tax money into many scams.
  • India can’t afford delays as it needs these jets since 2007.
  • While Indian deal is mired in fake controversy, Chinà and Pakistan are on a jet buying spree.
  • It hurts relationship with other nations. France’s president had to personally debunk Rahul Gandhi lies.
  • It hurts relationship with arms suppliers. Dassault CEO had to personally debunk Rahul Gandhi lies.
  • Important timewasted in parliament discussion of a non existent scam. Important bills in both houses delayed.
  • Image of Indian airforce and Supreme court tarnished.
  • Rahul Gandhi held the nations security hostage with his fake campaign and that too with just 44 seats in parliament.

Happening over Rafael in Parliament as on 1st January 2019



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