Vasanta Panchami

Today’s VASANTA PANCHAMI. It is a day Maraga Shukla Panchami according to vedic calendar. On this day the Spring season begins.

There are six seasons as mentioned in vedic shastras:

  • Shihir or Shita rutu ( Winter)
  • Ghrishma rutu (Summer)
  • Varsha ritu ( Monsoon)
  • Sharad rutu (Autumn)
  • Hemant rutu (pre winter)
  • Vasant ritu(Spring)

This day is also reffered as Shri Panchami and on this day many festivals / parva are celebrated , the most important reason is to worship Goddess Saraswati with Saraswati Vandana.

The reason for this is that Mother Saraswati appeared on this day (like a moon was always there but appears when sk when sky is clear. Here Spring is compared to clear sky).

What Shastras say abot Mata Saraswati?

Godesss Saraswati as Devi of Gyan, Vidya. She is referred by many names amongst some names are Vaghdevi, Saraswati, Veena vadini, Veenapani, Bharati. Mata Saraswati is the source of any form of art, knowledge, awareness we see in the world . In pther words she is one who drives away ignorance by means of
art, knowledge, awareness. By her grace even a fool can attain most high spiritual state and hence master knowledge, art and build awareness of truth.

Type of knowledge

Knowledge that connects us to social / material world by which we gain succes in society and a give and take happens.

Knowledge that connects us to inner spiritual self to help know truth of self realisation by removing importance to any and every aspect of I/me/mine. I goes and see I in ALL. By this we achieve libration from the cycle of bith and death.

How to understand vedic Scriptures?

Whenever we initiate gatherin knowledge, build awareness to truth, learn art we must begin by making a rewuest to her, invoke he presence, praying for her grace upon us.

Shrimad bhagwad states this prayer as follows:


Vedas refer to Sarawati as follows


Shuklam Bhrahmavichara sara:

Refers to white colour as she is dressed in white seated oupon white lotus (sympolisising prestine truth and knowledge) and through her grace we attain the Gods ( Brahma ) realization and follow Gods path.

Pramdhayanam Jagat vyapineen

The world is filled with countless schools of thought, knowledge, science, atrs, philosophy and so on. Goddess Saraswati is resident and controls all these and hence refered as All world prevalant.

Veena Pustaka dharineema Bhadyam Jadyaandhakarapaham

Veena represents art and music. Pustaka which represents book of knowledge. Hence by this posture convying metaphor message that one who has mastery over knowledge, music and art whill have all the grace of Godess Saraswati. Such person would be fearless of the darkest of ignorance/darkness around him and spread the light of knowledge, culture, art and musuc.

Haste spatikamalikam Vidadhaateem Padmasne Samsthitam, Vande Tam Parmeshwareem Bhagwateem Budhipradaam Shaaradam

She is seated in comfort in padmasana holding the spatika mala. She here is reffered as Sharada to give us intellect and budhi (ability to distinguish trth and ignorance).

Saraswati vandana

In today’s world of modernity we are losing these values as our focus of values are shifting more and more towards materialism and knowledge losing its importance and value.  We as society and as family are failing to induce sankara in to our children as we ourselves have no value of it or don’t give time to it and to our family. Rat race for just materialism would onld give sorrow because you have to directly or indirectly give materilistic loss and sorrow to others to gain more than what you need. This automatically sows seed of sorrow in your own mind.

A person really value sankaras would imerse in gaining true knowledge and use it to gain both material and spiritual wealth.  The wealth thus earned would then be spent on righteous acts which benefits the society and world as per the positio and abilities one holds.

If we want our family, society and nation as one prosperous, united nation and become source of pathbreaking in social building then we must make a sincere efforts else our children would only have seeds of sorrow to reap.

With this I conclude by offering my humble pranams at lotus feet of Godess Saraswati to Shower grace upon ALL WORLDS IN ALL DIMENSION OF EXISTENCE.


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