Amaravati – AP Capital funding

One more of #CBNLiesBusted. As part of Spl package to AP, World bank loan of 500 million USD is approved for Amaravati. While the centre cleared the loan in 2016, it took 3 yrs for CBN to provide matching grant for the project. GO issued on 5th Feb 2019.

Money will not be deposited in a single shot. Based on the progress it will be provided.

AP need not repay a single penny of the loan amount taken for polavaram as it is a national project. Yellow media is lying on this.

As per Water Resource minister of AP, Central govt approved a loan amount of 23814 crores for Polavaram on 16-8-2017. But TDP through its yellow media making a gobells propaganda that centre is depriving funds for Polavaram. There is some mischief being played here.


AP Government asks for 40,000 crores to construct just a few buildings + even housing for all government employees?! The source is white paper by AP government. (link:…

State reorganisation act link.

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