Andhra Pradesh 2014-19 Devlopment , Politics and propaganda

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Andhra Pradesh has GDP of 136 B$

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Land pooling Greatness of Andhrites & Centers commitments

Special Capital Gain Tax exemption for all the 24,000 farmers who participated in the unique land pooling for Amaravati.

Also, check how “ecstatic” TDP was!

Solar Power

  • The park was built at an investment of around 7,000 crore(US$970 million) by solar power developers and the Central and State governments. Solar power developers invested 1,000 crore (US$140 million), while the remaining 6,000 crore (US$830 million) was funded by APSPCL supported by a 200 crore(US$28 million) grant from the Union Government.

Kaddapa Solar power plant

The project has been delayed due to Andhra Pradesh discoms refusing to purchase the power generated at the solar plant. Discoms argue that solar tariffs have dropped considerably since the auction for the Kadapa park took place and prefer to source power from other sources.

Anantapur largest power plant

Petrochemical complex

Petrochemical complex promised in AP Reorg Act. Announced in 2016. MoU signed in 2017.

Center approved VIZAG RAILWAY ZONE

There have been some criticism on newly announced vizag Railway zone that majority of revenue will go to raigadh in orissa

Please note that a *separate* railway zone was demanded for AP with Vizag as center and railway has done it covering whole of AP.
Naturally, Odisha area can not be included in AP!
Earlier, Waltair Zone HQ was Bhuvaneswar!

Now, in reorganised Railway zones, SCR also lost some area!
Let us note that the revenue where ever it is generated, it is totally Railways property only and it is utilised for the overall Railway Projects in the country as per budget needs!
Saying Vizag zone income is lost to Odisha does not carry any weight! But priority for employment is given for the residents of each zone!

Infrastructure and Industry cities

The project cost is estimated at ₹ 13,057 million. As of December 2018, the project is in planning stage and is likely to be completed in 24 months from zero date.


Three Electronic manufacturing clustersat Chitoor and Tiru pati to be complete by July 2019 and December 2019 and Feb 2020 If you observe Grant amount it is really huge.

Banglore – Chennaicorridor part of Mumbai – Chennai corridor through Andhra Pradesh to improve connectivity hence creating industrial corridor as part of Bharat mala project.

East coast ecnomic corridor

VCIC part of east cost ecnomic corridor to connect Vizag and Chennai.

Aviatio and UDAAN Scheme

2 Airports declared international, as promised.
3 new greenfield airports approved (weren’t promised).
1 airport added to UDAN
1 airport being additionally expanded. Already completed.

AP Reorg act mandates setting up of 11 institutes *BEFORE* 2022. 10 out of the 11 are already established/approved. In addition to these, 5 more have been established/approved. And we are still in 2019 starting .


Higher Education Infrastructure


256 crores have been designated by Modi govt for establishing institutes of Excellence in Andhra Pradesh. 8 institutes started in a single year. On the other hand, in 70 yrs MHRD established only 8 institutes. But CBN wants Congress to come back.

#CBN lies
#Modi transforming AP

CBN himself revealed that though the AP reorganisation act asked to establish 11 institutes with in 10 yrs, Modi govt gave 16 National institutes to AP.

On the other hand, Babu who is blaming centre on funds, did not establish a single state level institute in 5 yrs.


CBN lies

#Modi transforming AP

As per the state’s HRD minister reply in March 2018, except for IIM Vizag state didnot complete compound wall for any institute, which is must for works to be started.
Those who can’t even build a wall blaming centre for not completing the institutes

#CBN lies

#Modi transforming AP

As per CBN letter, list of institutes central govt granted AP which are not part of AP reorganisation bill.

This is on Mar 2018. There are other institutes like Logistics University, Energy University which Modi govt granted to AP.

#CBN lies

Modi transforming AP


While NCBN
is blaming centre for not cooperating… the truth..Works at AIIMS Mangalagiri are going at rapid pace.

1st batch of AIIMS Mangalagiri is already started in temporary campus in Siddartha medical college, Vijayawada.

#Modi transforming AP



And ironically, its the state govt which is delaying and not cooperating for AIIMS. Till date, the state govt did not provide drinking water facility for the institute.


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