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Jaya ekadashi is considered a very auspicious time to do upvas In Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka we refer to it as Bhishma Ekadashi . For those who dont know what is Ekadashi also for those who are eager to know more can learn from this link.

According to the Hindu calendar this occurs on the 11th day of Shukla Paksha. On this day devotees worship Lord Vishu and Mahadev.

Since Bhishma Ekadashi occurs in magha masa , it becomes that much more important and auspecious.

On this daý devotees take upon upvasa (stay close to god which mean immense in divinity). Ekadashi is opportunity to begin one journey to moksha and to resolute to get rid of sins earned.So on this day you are not even supposed to pinch twig ot leaf, not do or think bad, not talk ill or hear ill. A complete surrender to divinity.

Human birth is most lucky one and our deeds could push us to even destined as pishacha. Sincere upvasa on this day could help. To help explain, please read through the story/katha that follows.


There is a days of preparation on to be on 9th day, 10th day of Shukla paksha. On Ekadasi one is to take head bath early hours of the day.

You then take vrata sankalpa and light lamp , worship Lord Gauri Ganesh. Then do puja of Lord Shiva, Parvati ( since entire magha masa belongs to Lord Shiva) and Lord Vishu. We offer Jal/water, flowers , fruits. Light Deep and dhoop (insence stick), show and offer to them. Finally we offer naivedyam anf give aarti to Shiv, Parvati, Vishnu and Lakshmi.

We should do vishunu sahara naam chanting/ listening a do jagaran in night. 

PLEASE refer to you tube at end of blog  to listen Vishnu Sahasranama.

On this day you are not even supposed to pinch twig of leaf ( no harm or sin) , not do or think bad, not talk ill or hear ill. One should immerse oneself into divinity by constant chanting of lord Hari name ,sing and hear Bhajans.

On Dwadasi ( day after ekadashi) you should offer food and daan to brahman.


Yudhistar asks Lord Krishna to detail upon magha masa, shukla paksha, ekadashi. Lord Krishna says , this day is refered as Jaya ekadashi. It is a divine day to give you an opportunity to get rid of ALL your sins and give way to moksha.

The story goes as follows; Indra dev was at nanda van at swarga lok and the apsaras were doing graceful dance. Gandharvas were singing. Amongst the Gandharvas , Pushpadant and Chitrasen were to represent for Gandharvas. Chitrasen daughter name is Pushpavati and Puspadanth sons name was Malyawan.

Malyawan and Pushpavati were present their singing and dancing to Indra. They were attracted to each other and got immersed in love forgetting the purpose of the event they come for. They made bluders in their performances as they were not paying attention to the art they consider supreme.

Indra took this as his insult and cursed both to be in mortal world (earth) as Pishacha. They went to Himalya and became pishacha. They had to deal with extreme agony, pain, suffering in both physical and mental state. They began to wonder how and when their pains and agony would end to which there was no way out.

On tithi reffered as Jaya ekadashi of magha masa, they didn’t have any food, fruit, or drink water. Did not harm and living though its an immediate instinct to pichach. Filled with sadness they prayed all day by pipal tree . Then the night was terrible and cold enough to kill them and could not enjoy a married life.

They got through the night and unknowingly they performed Jaya Vrat.

By Lord Vishnu blessings and grace, they got rid of pichacha birth and returned to their Gandharva form.

Indra saw both in Gandharva roop and asked how possiblythey got out of curse? They then told him about Jaya vrat.
Krishna then concluded to Yudhistra that those who follow this vrat will get rid of sins and gain moksha.

Why we refer Jaya ekadahi as Bhishma Ekadashi?

Bbisha was given boon by his fat6that he could choose when he could die. In Battle of Mahabharata, Bhisha was wounded by arrows and lay on bed of arrows for 56 days. He did this because Jaya Ekadshi is most auspicious and would remove sins done unknowingly and grant him moksha. Bhishma chanted Vasudeva with his 1000 names all these days which we chant as Vishnu Sahasranama. Lord Vasudeva named Jaya Ekadashi as Bhishma Ekadashi.

May Hari Har Har Mahadev Shower Grace upon ALL


Aum Shanti Shanti Shantib

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