Pulwama: Tribute of mere tears for family of CRPF Jawan

A terror strike upon our CRPF Jawan has put entire nation in sea of sorrow. We can not feel or understand in completeness the sorrow which the families of the martyr jawans are going through.

Some soldiers were probably planning to return to their homes, some probaly joining duty had promised their family that they would join them as early. For us it just a sad news. Our rat race takes precedence understandably

Our Jawans lost life in one blast, and probably they were the only bread earners . What was the mistake of these jawans and their families? They were duty for nation leaving behind their families. They too have dreams , they too would have taken loans to build a huse, they to would have dreamt of giving their children the best education and upbringing.

These families feel pride of martyrdom of their husband, brother, son . Only worry to them is the burden of responsibility and vacuum in their lives. This probably is the only expectation of these family from the nation.


I am sure the best we are doing is gluing ourselves to TV Set where the news channels only do analysis of gaps, which i believe even 10 year child could guess how these lapses could happen and what possible groups, locals, or even politicians be involved.

The need of hour as ordinary citizens is that we develop sence of pride for our jawans. Consider them our guardian and feel their loss. We should not only opppose every lobby politicaian symathising terrist Tukde gang, stone pelters, separatist by carrying un relenting protest march, remove any and every security to them and even exile them and rip them of their natinality.

The life of the martyr jawans shouldn’t go in vain. Lets wish each other zJai Hind Jai Jawan every where we go , every letter/mail we write. Let the pride get infectious.

Share your thoughts to build pressure on government and share video of every one who sympathise terrorism so that all know the trators.

Jai Hind Jawan

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