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Chatrapati Sivaji – Becon of Swaraj and Nation Building

Imagine a 15 year old boy captures a fort, fights 276 wars off which he wins 268 wars and creates kingdom of 4 lakh var and spends his life to establish Swarajya, Swabhasha, Swadharma, Swadesh from Gangotri to Kanyakumari. Many freedom fihters like Veer Savarkar followed this path of Swarajya. Such is the impact of Shivaji at the time of freedom fight or as matter of fact even todays modern India.

Chatrapati Shivaji, who spent life fighing for swaraj, was a man who was true shisya of his Guru Dada KonDev who gave him millitary knowledge and skills which Shivaji made it part of his natural trait and ability.

It was the time when Mughal Aurangzeb was ruling . In south there were Rulers like Adir Shah, Qutub Shah. In these given circumstances it was indeed big deal and impossible that an Chatrapati like Shivaji had any chance to rise.

Shivaji was born on 19 February 1630 at Shivberi Duurg near Pune. His fathers name Shahji Bhosle and mothers name Jijabai. Shivaji upbringing was by Dada KonDev, Jijabai and Samartha Guru Ramdas.

Shivaji won first fort at age of 15. He went on to capture CHAKAN, KONDAN, TORAN, THANE, KALYAN BHIWANDI forts. This created shockwaves in Adil Shah kingdom. Adil Shah imprisoned Shivajis father. Shivaji had to stop his persuit for 7 years. He used this time to increase strength and size of his troops. Shivaji went on to capture 40 forts.

On 1659 an army of 10000 led by Afzal Khan was defeated and killed in his hands. Sahista Khan also faced same consequences though he escaped with his 3 fingers cut.

After this Aurangzeb sent Mirza raja Jai Singh to fight . Shivaji and Jaya Singh soon became allies and their alliance was called as Purrandhara Alliance. Here also Aurangazeb insulted him by holding Shivajis son imprisoned. On 13 August 1666 managed to escape in a fruit basket.

Next 3 years Shivaji spent in making his army strong after which he initiated his victorious conquests.

On 6th June 1674 , at Raigarh Durg he was crowned (Rajyarohan) as an Indipendent king and given title of ‘Chatrapati ‘. He was brave, courageous, polictally able , able war tactical and strategic planner.

Poet Kaviraj Bhusan wrote so on Shivaji. Watch below video to enjoy war cry poem

Shivajis identity was as as son of Shahji Bhosle. On other hand Shivaji made a start as mansabdar at Aurangzeb court. Given circumstances people never could imagine him as King estabĺishing an Indipendent kingdom. Shivaji had deep yearning for swarajya, swarajya. To embed the same yearning for swaranya , Rajyarohan became a very important step for truly realise and take the dream of Swarajya to people. This event sent a clear message to Bijapur, Ahmednagar, Golkonda, Mughal Empire Portuguese, British that Shivaji as a Chatrapati Khsatriya hinu dharma dhaarak raja.

Shivaji was a king with clear vision to take everyone in path of Swarajya by giving all equal opportunities, rights and dignity irrespective of religion or caste.

His key sampark were Raja of Mewad Jai Singh, Har Govind Singh Guru, Chhatrasal Bundela, Raja of Assam. So this in one way became an incident where all of India in unity for Swarajya. His vision was to drive out all foreign invaders, primarily Mughal.

Shivajis idea of Swarajya believed in Bharat as multicultural with its roots and grounding on sanatana dharma. He clearly understood which culture, litrature were of truly of Bharat origin and which foreign ( in accordance tp his times) by well documented “RajaVyavahar“.

Shivaji gave great stress to culture value like respect fpr women, equality to all irrespective of the religion and caste. Many of his war companions were Muslim too. An example of war at Surat, his army had kidnapped KaurBano daughter of a trader. He gave severe warning to all not to do anything that falls outside the documented RajyaVyavahara. If any one caught be punished or killed personally.

Besides the knowledge given to him by his gurus on culture, dharma and warfare, he devloped his own styles of warfare like Guerrilla warfare .

Shivaji has not just inspired India but also many country like Vietnam to gain their freedom through guerrilla warfare. It’s because of his ability to choose right tactic like Guerrilla warfare he could dare to attack 1.5 lakh soldiers with 200+ soldiers. This ability of warfare strategy, tacting planning made it decisive in defeating Afzal Khan, Sahista Khan, Siddhi Johar, Rustam Jahan.

He is also reffered as “Father of Navy in india. He set several forts from Gujrat to Karnataka and established a strong Navy.

Aurangzeb reffered to Shivaji as mountain rat , it reflects that Mughal began to realize Shivajis knowledge of the topography of the jungle and mountains including in given scenario and given weather.

Shivaji was a ruler of simplicity and spirituality. He would have simple food with his munsibdars in a banana leaf. This nature of his helped him gather groups of all caste, for example mawalis , peasants, Deshpades and so on. By putting them all in line with dream of Swarajya and unite as one to beatout Mughal.

His war cry which inspired people of his time and even now is

Har Har Mahadev,

Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji”.

This war cry is observed today also in armys Maratha Regiment.

On 3 April 1680, he breathed his last.

After Shivajis death , Aurangzeb assumed thar Marathas would fall but instead Marathas kept the legacy alive. Marathas kept Aurangzeb occupied in south while Hindu kingdoms in north started to reappear.

Many freedom fighters took Shivaji as their idelogy and as basis of creating a strong and prosperous nation.

When Subash Chandra Bose was appointed as president of the Congress, press asked him ” Who is hero in your eyes for the fight for freedom and vision pf nation building for future?”. To this Netagi without hesitation said that country should follow the path shown by Shivaji Maharaj.

Immediately press questioned him “If he is reffering to violence “? Subhas repled ” You can think whatever you wish, but the country should follow the path shown by Shivaji “. One should look at larger picture of dream of Shivaji, Subhash, Savarkar, Bhagat Singh and take it forward tto bring culture, unity, equality, development to take the country forward. The press and politics have been demeaning our nation from day one of freedom.

Jai Hind

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