Indus water treaty – then, now and future

Our heart and mind are disturbbed by incident like Pulwama in which 44 CRPF were killed.

One of the key question many raise is

A simple answer for this is that to stop water we must have dam, canals for us to utilize or stop water going to Pakistan. Surely we couldn’t stop water with hands and we have NOT made ANY Dam or canals though it has been more than 70 years of our independence. This is became of IWT-Indus Water Treaty. So first let’s understand what’s indus Water Treaty?

In map shown above, the eàsrtern rivers ( Ravi , Beas, Jbelam) can be used by India but in probable good boy image and appeasment we have no done so over decades of independence.

Other 3 rivers Pakistan has all water for itself while India can not store, irrigate any water. India could use these rivers for non consumptive purposes. Maximum possible thing India could do is try produce hydel electricity from water wich is not so rapid.

Pakistan is supposed to get 80% of water whereas we are letting Pakistan enjoy 90%-95% of water resources because we have made no concrete efforts to tap water which is rightfully ours.

Things have changed a lot after Uri attack, government has escallated all pending water dam projects. Our prime minister made it clear with his statement

Water and blood cannot flow together and will review the treaty

This not just in words but lot of action is being taken on this as follows:

  • Revival of the pending projects over decades.
  • Inter state disputes resolved
  • Environmental and DPR Clearance.
  • Budget allocation
  • Construction of 3 new dams started. Shahpur Kandi dam, Sutlej – Beas link in Punjab, Ujh dam in J&K.
  • With 3 new projects we will be able to irrigate 68 hectares of land. This will generate additional income upto Rs 14000 Crore.
  • One lakh crore on tappiing Indus water
  • India also has made headway by approving projects in utizizing non-consumptive use of other 3 rivers. DPR done and construction probably yet to start.
  • Work with Afghanistan to build dams which rightfully is theirs and hence choke Pakistan of water resources which will take 5 years atleast.

Making dams and canals can’t be done in day or weeks or few months. All efforts are in pla3to complete by 2022 provided all factor including current government continues after Loksabha election 2019

Pakistan has already stated making lot of noise since Pakistani farmers already complaining of reduced water supply by quickly fixing leakages in Indira dam.

Pakistan senate report clearly declares that to stop India it has to stop current government from bdeing re-elected. You can access above fro link , page 3 ( )

Pakistan in its report has raised alarm and has also mentioned to use Kashmir youth , muslim, maists, dalits and any indian willing to get carried away in proaganda and fake news which has become prevalent in mainstream media also. Further Pakistan want to bring down sense of nationalism, misrepresent nationalism and constitution, defame Modi, RSS ideology as danger to India. So lets unite and show that we are indian first.

Since 70+ years of our independence we have been under proxy war in which many incidents in past, present have happened and will continue in future. Clarity we need to have is that Pakistan has one key agenda to bleed us with thousands of cuts and bleed us.

Congress has wasted 60 years of its rule and let India bleed. Lets be cautious which party we vote. Let us do a surgical strike on Pakistan by voting BJP and voting congress and mahagatbandhan out.

Indian first, every indian its national interest first.

Jai Hind

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