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Alluri Sitaram Raju – Tiger of Manyam

One of the greatest revolutionary fighters of Andhra Pradesh. He fought for a cause, for social justice, for freedom, and for to liberate innocent tribals from bondage and slavery.

Childhood of Sri Sitarama Raju is filled with many hardships. Sudden demise of his father led him to bear the yoke of the family on his shoulders and also to the difficulties of local tribes. His parents influence and circumstances filled patriotism in his heart mind.
He did his high school studies and college education at a Mission high school in Visakapatnam (Visakapatnam or Vizagpatnam is a sea port city of Andhra Pradesh South India).

In 1905 “Lord Curzon” bifurcated Bengal into East and West Bengal provinces. People come to streets and agitated against British for reunification (This movement is called “Vandemataram Movement”) This movement made an impact on the life of Alluri Sita Rama raju. In 1916 in the month of April Alluri travelled the nation on foot.

Hiss direct contact with people made him understand the miseries, Plights and woes of the people. e become completely a changed man and ultimately turned to be a great revolutionary, to rebel against the mighty colonial rulers.

Revolution : Alluri sita rama raju started his revolution against the British on Aug 22nd 1922 by attacking the police station at broad day light. On that day he send a warn message in advance. He attacked the police station at “Chintapalli” (An agency police station at present in East Godavari District-A P, India) and decamped with a huge cache of weapons.
On 23rd and on 24th Aug they attacked Rajavommangi police station (An agency police station in East Godavari District A.P) decamped with heavy ammunition.

British eappointed Colonel Rutherford at Manyam who adopted to meathods which probably not seen acroos even in the colonial period anywhere. Seeing this Alluri decided to surrender himself on 7th May 1924.

He was not given any fair trial and was tied to a tree and Shot dead. His body was cremated and his ashes flown in the river without anybody’s knowledge.

I believe his memorial, his town lie in shambles and he is probably only remembered by political parties when election close in or when there’s fancy dress for kindergarten.

It’s a shame that world considers him a forgotten freedom fighter. Andhra and Telangana have been land of great spiritual, poets, warriors, nation builders. Yet we conviniently forget sacrifices and pull each other 9to petty politics, corruption and break our state and culture. All raise for nation cause on top and remember they gave life and you only need to give your time to nation. Listen to vademataram and let the pride flow.

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