Citizen Responsibility/Duty

Before war

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*Our Responsibilities As Civilians When India Is On High Alert*

For the next six months at least India is under threat of retaliation by our enemies. Here are some ways to behave as a responsible citizen during this time of national emergency.

1. What’s done is done. Forwarding jokes is fine but the situation is grim. So let’s come back to senses and ask ourselves, “What is my responsibility in a crisis”. Understand that *this is an hour of national high alert in India.* STOP and THINK for a moment.

2. “Loose lips, sink ships”. *Your facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram messages could go to our enemies within minutes.* if you have friends in defence, DO NOT share their messages to civilian groups. Just be silent for a few months on security matters. Your brilliant insights may be just what the enemy needs to understand the Indian psyche.

4. *Do not photograph or take videos of anything related to local or national security. No selfies with tanks or jawans*. The enemy is monitoring social media activity, city by city and tracking our forces.

5. *Do not take pictures in airports, railway stations, government facilities, etc. or circulate them*.

6. *Do not forward any sensitive videos and if anyone sends it in a group, caution the sender and insist on the admin removing it immediately.*

7. *Be on high alert personally, in public spaces* and in case of any security threat, alert local authorities immediately ( suspicious packages, panicked drivers near sensitive facilities, etc.) Become the eyes and ears of India’s security forces.

8. *If you have a flight/train to catch, arrive early* and help make the security checks smooth. Don’t throw tantrums and become a headache for the CRPF/security teams there. Instead greet them with a Jai Hind or Thank you, and receive a broad smile.

9. *Prepare yourself to be useful to the country in its time of need.* What can you offer: Learn first aid. Or traffic management. Or volunteer somewhere. Become useful in real life.

10. *Sensitize others* – family, children, youth, drivers, maids, friends, – that this is a time of national emergency. Make them feel their responsibility.

*Google to see what your responsibility is as a civilian in times of war. Share more of what you find. Be a responsible Indian citizen.*

Jai Hind ! Vande Mataram !!


ALERT for those who are below 35 years..
What u are seeing today is exactly the repetition of what our opposition did during Kargil war in 1999..

Every day, Sonia Gandhi & Somnath Chaterjee used to appear on TV & criticise ABV even while our soldiers were pushing out Pakistanis.
It was systematic attempt to weaken govt during time of war.

Meanwhile 24hr news channel were new for Vajpayee Govt & Indian Public didn’t know these presstitutes

Not to mention what they did during kandahar. Supported any action govt would take to bring back indian passangers, pressured govt to get them back safely, and once all passengers were back, called it capitulation. Sick politics

During the war

Later upate this..

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