Opposition lies on Joblessness -All you need to know

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Naukri Hiring Outlook 2019” report busts the myth of ‘jobless growth’

Make in India and privatize on a massive scale manufacture of very high quality:

1. Aircrafts: fighter&commercial
2. Helicopters,
3. Ship
4. All things defense
This creates massive jobs&creates perfect defense🙏👍👌

Upskilling and employability of graduates

01: Pradhan Mantri Rozgaar Protshaan Yojana (PMRPY) Record Job created:

Launched in 2016. Govt pays full employer’s contribution of EPF and pension for NEW JOBS CREATED (with salary up to Rs. 15,000 per month) after 1st April 2016. This figure is now 1 CRORE plus.

02: Jobs in transport sector:

This is the trend of vehicle sales. Most vehicles sold create jobs. A taxi creates jobs (think of Ola and Uber etc). So does tractor or truck. Even passenger vehicles. New jobs created in last four years -over 1.4 crore.

03: Jobs in Professional sector:

Non corporate professional sector (CAs, lawyers) also create large number of jobs (unit size less than 20 hence non EPFO data). As per records this sector added 8 lakh jobs each year. Last 5 years – almost 40 lakhs.

04: Formal sector job:

EPFO data is the most real as has identified accounts where monthly money is getting deposited. Robust methodology followed to identify new jobs created . FY 2017-18 and current fiscal – more than 1.3 Crore jobs added.

05: Entrepreneurial jobs:

Mudra has funded more than 15 crore people. More than 4 crore of these are FIRST TIME ENTREPRENEURS. Each entrepreneur would create at least one more job? Mudra alone has created at least 4-6 crore NEW FIRST TIME JOBS.

06: As per NASSCOM report 2018,

The sectors of IT-BPM, Automotive, Retail and Textile and Apparel have alone created almost 1.4 crore new jobs between 2014-18.

07: Tourism and hospitality sector

These sector have added 1 crore jobs in last 4-.5 years. The explosion in construction sector-roads, railways, ports, airports-each are manual intensive and cannot happen without new jobs. Estimated almost 1 crore new jobs in this.

The sum up –

Formal sector (unit size more than 20), transport sector, Pradhan Mantri Rozgaar Yojana, non-corporate professional sector, entrepreneurs, construction sector, tourism, hospitality, retail, and so on – total new job creation is in many cores.

Jobs debate in 2019 is qualitatively different from 2014. Dismal growth and high inflation had created joblessness which reflected in people coming on streets. Today is anyone on streets? Think why? Because people are gainfully employed. That is the difference.

Congress developed WhatsApp and twitter groups in every state. Leadership starts pushing one lie with an expectation that keep talking about the same – will make the lie a truth with the help of media.

Jai Hind

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