Megaprojects and Pending projects acted upon Part 1

A partial list of mega infrastructure projects NDA/Modi sarkaar is steering.

1. *Bharatmala*:

35,000 km highways across 16 states, including 9,000 km of economic corridors.
Target completion: 2022.
Jobs potential: 2.2 crores.

2. *Sagarmala*

Modernizing 12 major ports and 185 minor ports along the entire 7,500 km coastline of Bharat.
Target completion: 2022.
Jobs potential: 1 crore.

Industrial and Defence corridors

3. *Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)*

23 industrial hubs, 2 power plants, 6 airports and a 1,500 km long 6-lane expressway connecting Delhi and Mumbai.
Jobs potential: 2.5 crores over 7 years.

4. *Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)*

3,300 km “freight-only” Railway Tracks for goods trains.
Target completion: 2020.

5. *INSTC (International North South Trade Corridor)*
7,200 km trade route from India’s Mumbai to Iran.
Target completion: 2019.

6. *Bullet Train (High Speed Rail) on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route*

508 km high speed track, including 7 km undersea tunnel for train speed upto 320 km per hr.
Target completion: 2020.

7. *GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec City)*

Large business district between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar as India’s first smart city with world-class infrastructure
Target completion: 2023.
Jobs potential: 10 lakhs.

8. *Navi Mumbai International Airport*

Two parallel runways, capacity to handle 80 flights per hour and 10 million passengers per year.
Phase 1 completion: 2019
Phase 2 completion: 2022

9. *Jevar International Airport, Noida*

Construction began in 2018 will handle 5 to 6 million passengers per annum will connect to the Yamuna Expressway.
Phase 1 completion: 2023.

10. *Twin Tower Trade Center, Guwahati, Assam*
65 levels, commercial trade tower, Office space, conference center, hotel, shopping complex, service apartment.
Target completion: 2023.

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