You Vote (PART 1) _ Your Right, duty and power. Voter for Security and Development

Elections are upon us

Democracy itself means

Run by people For People

So this actually translates to

Truly participative largest democratic system

Our outlook should be tp choose best available leadership and hence use iur vote.


    People shouldn’t fall for temporary gains and meeting selfish ends .

  • People should aim for country future and lasting benefit for the country in mind.
  • People hence excercise andutilize this opportunity to fulfill DUTY TOWARDS NATION.

Which elections for what?

Panchayat election – rural development
Assembly Elections – State Progress
Parliamentary elections – good party, leadership and very strong prime minister.
Citizens understand and decide. Abuse or losing it and its worry
Later shouldn’t regret then complain.
This country is our family and we shouldn’t put it in hands whose families run country as their family affair and dynasty.

If the country is secure, only then development in right direction is possible

Governments before 2014

All regions- Nation wide progress
The North east states were always under terror hold also now have stable government and natinalist views have helped NE states to stride its steps towards the direction of development.

The reson for this is the current able governace and Prrime Miniter of determination to take ALL REGION IN PATH OF PROGRESS. This citizens need to think and keep in mind.

The States in East having borders, illegegal infiltrations has been largely brought under control and also in process of those living illegally in the country and expel them in due time. This hence not only fulfils security of these states but also reignforce security and development of region and country as whole.

All these are only by a PM who takes a decisive step and doesnt make situation unstable by being ficke , citizens need to think this out properly and make a call upon this.

In last 5 years there have been no communal disturbances , further the vote bank have been kept insulted from politics, religion divide, caste base divide/bias, All of us move forwards as citizens of equal rights and duties as enlisted in our constitution and see who has been able to take country forward, only such government deserves to govern our country.

From overseas some parties are dealing with illeagal hawal routed money , innocent hindus have been targeted for conversion, such 12000 bogus NGO have been banned and save hindu society and stopped terror funding in large. Every citizen need to think about this for sure.

Next part i come back with topics like, Security, NOTA, Women Empowerment, Corruption and pace in development, global image of and rise if India, economy so on

Will come back with more as promised.

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  1. That is why globally Christians want modi to be defeated. Even vatcan gave call. Let Hindus unite and drive out those against country and hindus

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