You Vote (PART 2) _ Your Right, duty and power. Voter for Security and Development

Value of our vote

When we compare past and present government ; Their work towards progress, development, security, foreign affairs, good governance and other key areas ; It is obvious that our country is in cusp of becoming a major player in global front in every direction.

Any government which doesn’t have complete majority, doesn’t have strong leadership, weak government which have weak policies, which can’t take strong/tough decisions will send the progress, development, security of country backward by many years and corruption will hollow the country. Our image as a country hence will take a serious beating.

If last 5 years, the center government which had complete majority and very strong leadership under Prime Minister, outr country has witnessed progress, groth and ongoing decline of corruption. Today we are 6th largest economy and in cusp of becoming 5th ecnomic power. We need to have a continuation of the strong governance undel powerful leadershipof Prime Minister who is able , clean, pays due attention to security of sountry and takes all region, people in path of progress, commited towards duties towards the nation.

We citizens must give such government with strong prime minister an absolute majority and hence secure bright future of the country.

In democracy, every single vote is vital and decisive. Missing an opportunity to vote by even one person, should we considered as the opportunity missed to help country wich we dont get always. So not voting is in a way waste of life and disservice to nation.


Pressing NOTA doesn’t serve the purpose of providing the best available government and is exactly what the forces like naxal, terrorist, separatist want you to do inorder to have weak government.

Eveyone must use their right + duty + power to vote.

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