You Vote (PART 3) _ Your Right, duty and power. Voter for Global power and Development

Indias international stature and Foreign affairs

Our current Prime Minister is accused of touring world all time. One should understand role of prime minister, his achievements and ignore the criticism whose core idea is to improve respective channels TRP and media try to please the parties funding them.

Our PM has succeeded in building strong , freindly relationship with almost all country (including Muslim countries). This places our country among the leading countries participating and benefiting from diplomacy, eradicate terrorism, solar revolution, artificial intelligence so on.

India has been able to take aggressive stance towards Terror state like Pakistan and has successfully isolated it globally and stopped funds tonit which Pakistan uses it for terror. Pakistan is country which least cares about its downfall and terror as it core business.

Yoga day has been introduced to world taking our rich culture to the world. The world is inspired by Idea of Bharat through our Prime Minister.

Prime Minister havising vision, determination we have been able to deal to an extent un likee ever before in the past. Dhoklam is an exaplary which all global leader have praised the way it has been dealt with.

Bharat now stands as inspiration and becon, thanks to strong , visionary global leadership of our beloved Prime Minister.

Growth and Development

Our dear PM has introduced NITI AYOG for true federal participation spirit and making Governance truly organised and professional by removed the old system which only revolved around whims of single family.

In previous governments kept thousands of projects pending over many many decades. Our dear PM has not only speeded up these projects but also completed 80_90% of them.

Villages are now electrified with revolutionary change and implementations. After so many years of freedom, many villages were deprived of electricity 18000 remote villages. Our PM determination has brought electricity to every end and corner of country.

Many states, un interrupted 3-Phase power supply are provisioned by funds from Central government only.

Railway budget was included with main budget inclusive of sothern budget.

Vishakpatman zone apppval and funds arranged by who? It is indeed determination of the Central government.

India today is among the most fast growing country and climbing rakings in economy. At same time the government has been excellent in paying back the debts and deficits.

Our country has stood as become vishwa guru, providing financial help to small country and even America also (California forest fire). Only a PM with strong character and global leadership can do so.

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