Shaheed veer Bhagat Singh Part 2

Revisiting Bhagat Singh childhood

Bagat Singh was born in a family where every one was involved in freedom struggle. His grandfather got diksha directly from Swami Dayanand Saraswati to surrender his all to Mother India. During Uagna, his Grandfather said

I offer my grandson to nation as daan of the yagna. The family was greatly inspired by Arya Samaj

At age of 16 Bhagat Singh got marriage proposals, to which he left home and left behind letter saying as in pic bel.

Into the understanding revolutionaries

Bhagat Singh as teenager read through books of all revolutionary in world and paid equall importance to the the revolutionary in india at that time like Madan Lal Dingra, Veer Savarkar, and many others.

His publication Matwala had number of books and article published with names listed in below picture.

If these thpughts were induced in every student in school in clarity, maye be even problems like naxal wouldn’t have been prevalent.

Why am I atheist ,/ Nastik?

We have a habit of running into conclusions without understanding the gravity of truth, ideollogy behind the statement. Our lack of clarity of Bhat Singh and many revolutionary freedom fighters has resulted in the continuation to con , dynastic and corrupt parties to rule upon us. SHAME.

The essence of èvery revolutionary freedom fighters in India is only and only



Here Bhagat Singh is having Agony over the state of Bharat mata and her children who are in extreme missery and poverty. Bhagat Singh is questioning from that perspective because h

His love for nation, its citizens, its future is greter than God. Hence questions the God himself.

This statement doesnt make Bhagat Singh a Marxist as many have labelled him.

Please look at him and all revolutionary through their glasses of love towards the Nation and don’t insultthem by classifying them.

Bhagat Singh got to know of Lenin few days before he was to be hanged, so it’s our complete foolishness to believe that Bhagat Singh is a Marxist.

If we read Urdu for litrature sake, certainly it would be wrong to link or judge us.

Bhagat Singh had cosidered Bharat mata as God and his beliefs are based on Bharat mata. So he is NOT an Atheist for he believed.

Bhagat Singh and Bhatukeswar ended their mission of life with this dedication and belief. They met death with a smile for they have grown so big in life that death was a medal to take on.

Did our Education erase the memories of the revolutionary fighter? When our country got freedom, there was great hope thaþ the education system would pull us out of misery. Moulana Abdulkalam Azad was made minister for education. We surely give credit to this miniter and then Prime minister for some good work but surely question their commitment to on many. Our education system was not allowed to educate young students of revolutionary fŕeedom fighters except those which Government wanted for brainwashing the vote bank.

With fear of people following violence may be government didn’t educate of these freedom fighters., but the blunder here is that we have to understand that this was against the British and in service of motherland. Government started brainwashing that only nonviolence got us freedom.

Bhagat Singh is not a political prop

He is a thought of sacrifice for nation, thought of prosperous days of poor, workers, farmers…

On 1931 Bhagat Singh and his freinds have protested to be labelled as communist in article as told in above picture.

Bhagat Sinh was from family that very strongly followed Arya samaj principles,

Bhagat Singh had grown so large that he now belongs to nation and not to party or group or samaj.

Bhagat singh was fuelled by patriotism and he himself became the fuel andthe inspiration for all Indians.

Bhagat Singh inpired by Shivaji, Guru Govind Singh, Garibaldi, Washington, Riza Khan from Afganistan, Kamal Pasha from Turkey, French revolutionary Lafayette and he learnt of Lenin in very end .

Bhagat Singh and his freinds had clearly understand that communist party said one thing and did something elsean that is reason they formed own party.

Netaji even refered to Bhagat Singh as soul of the Indial revolution of freedom.

Bhagat Singh stressed that when our young generation develop love for nation, willing to go extra mile and sacrifice for nation then nothing could stop Bharat Mata from achieving.



B H A R A T M A T A K I J A I ! ! !


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