Why should Modi win in 2019 100 reasons

Why should Modi win in 2019?
(Here are 100 reasons ….)

1. The Modi government, which has not borrowed one rupee at the World Bank in the last four and a half years!

2. For a four-and-a-half year reign of corruption,

3. ₹ 5 lakh health insurance for free 50 crore people are getting through ‘Ayushmann Bharat’!

4. The free power connections to the poor in the country have been given to the people of 4 crore people.

5. In the past 65 years, 12 crore cooking gas connections have been given to Narendra Modi during the last four and a half years, providing 13 crore gas connections. Of these, 6 crore connections were paid to the poor women. In this budget, more than 8 crore women are offering free gas connections! Narendra Modi gave a free gas connection to your sisters!

6. The government of India has paid oil worth Rs 1,30,000 crore for petrol sellers + interest of Rs 40,000 crore = Rs 1,70,000 crore in the Modi government. The Congress government has paid Rs 2 lakh crore worth Rs 14,000 crore in oil bonds to Modi government! Modi government has given Rs 4,34,000 crore subsidies to Congress government to subsidize oil companies

7. Construction of 1 crore 53 lakh houses for the poor in the country through Prime Minister’s Residence Yojana 9 lakh 66 thousand houses allocated to Andhra PradeshEverybody who comes to your friends and relatives is given by Narendra Modi

9. The Central Government gives 3% interest subsidy if the middle class takes 4 lakh interest subsidy and 12 lakh housing loan.

10). The income tax limit was increased to 5 lakhs. [80,000, 80D, standard reduction (50 thousand), 80% under housing interest, no taxable income of Rs 80 lakh]

11) Now two homes can be seen as having their own home. So far one should show a house. That’s more tax savings!

12) Banks and post offices should pay taxes on deposits. Now that interest is not up to 40,000.

13) If the house is rented for businesses, tax is to be taxed at 1,80,000. It has now increased to 2,40,000. 20 thousand monthly rent is tax free.

14). NREENDRA MODI has announced a Rs 6,000 investment per annum to farmers within five acres. The use of 12 crore small farmers. It will run from December 2018.

15). OBCs are eligible for pre-matric scholarship from Rs. 44,500 to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. SC qualifies for pre-matric scholarships for students Rs. From Rs 2 lakh to Rs. Up to 2.5 lakhs

16). ₹ 100 per month, 60 yrs for that person. The federal government pays ₹ 3,000 pensions every month.

17). The central government allocated Rs 76,800 crore for SC and ST welfare.

18). The risk of workers was increased from 1.5 lakh to 6,00,000.

19). Rs. 3 lakh crore allocation If necessary, prepare for additional funding.

20. Mallya is auctioning assets. So far, the Center has confiscated Malia assets worth Rs 13,000 crore. Dawood Ibrahim has been abducted and stolen, and his assets in our country are also confiscated! The center also confiscates Zakir Naik assets.

21. The central government will construct highways at Rs 5,35,000 crore under the India-1 scheme.
Congress rule is 12 km per day in 2013-2014 Constructing highway, under Modi rule, in 2017-18 a day is 27 km. Highway built.

22. The Central Government will construct railway over bridges and bridges with Rs. 20,800 crore under the Sethutara project.

23. Price Support Scheme for Rice Crops Modified by the Modi, and the Price Deficiency Scheme, the farmers directly feed the rest of the money by selling the oilseeds crop to cheaper.

24. The Aadhaar linkage has eliminated fake beneficiaries in government schemes. It has saved over Rs 90,000 crore.

25. Prime Minister Jana Masjid Center has been given over 3,000 centers. The medication prices are lower than 50%. The AMRIT pharmacies are available for cancer and heart disease at 60-90% cheaper than the Modi government!

26. The Prime Minister’s Dialysis Scheme is responsible for more than 500 dialysis units in the country for dialysis patients.

27. The newest modern AIIMS hospitals are being built in the country.

28. Altogether 15,354 MBBS seats were added in the newly cutting medical colleges + old colleges in the country. The central government has increased 12,646 PG seats.

29. Under the Prime Minister Rural Sodak Yojana, 1,60,000 km of rural roads were constructed. 69 km / day in 2013-14, 134 km / day in 2017-18.

30. In the last 30 years, 5 new ports have been constructed and 30 new ports have been constructed in these four years.

31). If the house is sold at 2 crores, it can be invested in two homes and get tax exemption.

32). 10 lakhs Gratuity for employees was increased to 20 lakh. If you have been working for 5 years in a company or retired, the job is to give the employee a gratuity.

33. The Center will identify and identify urban smart cities with Rs 2,01,979 crore for their development. This makes use of people over 10 crore.

34. The Rs 10,000 crore allocated for the promotion of Start Ups in the country. They have no income tax for three years and many other promotions are the central government.

35. With the help of Japan, a high speed train is made in our country. At the start of this project, 20,000 people got jobs.

36. A total of Rs 1600 crore has been allocated for the creation of Wellness Centers for quality medical services in the rural and urban areas. By 2022, 1.5 lakh basic health centers will be developed and treatments like cancer are also provided.

37. The termination of banknotes came to over three lakh crore black money banks.Some did not know what to do, 500 and 1,000 banknotes shot! Thousands of terrorists and Naxalites have become scrappings.

38. Thousands of fake NGOs have been closed down. Calculations for Christian missionaries have been compromised and the companies that do not count are canceled!

39. Three hundred and sixty thousand franchises were canceled.

40. Besides the Finance Commission recommendations that have increased the share of States in central taxes, Modi has increased the share of taxes to states from 32% to 42%.

41. Modi has allocated 22,000 grams of land, agricultural agricultural markets and allocated Rs 2,000 crore for the facilities.

42. The Muslim brothers were liberated from the talaq. Muslim women now have a chance to perform Hajj without a male guardian.

43. If India was 142 at the time of Congress rule in the Ease of Doing Business rankings declared by the World Bank, it reached 77 in the Modi regime!

44. Who has chopped off from Doklum, and by whom?

45. The Pakistani terrorists have been killed by terrorists in Burma with “Surgical Strike”. In the Pulwama attack on the Pakistani terrorist attacks instead of attacking the soldiers, nearly 350 people were killed.

46. Prime Minister Modi is not alone, Rahul Gandhi is also worshiping Navarathri, going to Shiva temples!

47. Anyway, Petrol 45 says he sells to Modi 75! How much does it come to the state?Why did not the governments do the same before? Rice 30 to Rs. How are you going to get it?
What is the subsidy on sugar?

48. Who gave ten crore toilets to the poor?

49. In twenty-six states, twenty-four hours are giving power our Modiji!

50. Before the Modi invasion of Anganwadi workers, Salaries in 2014: 4,200, now (2018): Rs.10,500. For helpers in 2014: 2,400, now: Rs.6,000

51) 42 Mega Food Parks – Andhra .. Telangana .. Punjab .. Haryana..Maharashtra .. Use of Tamil Nadu Farmers ..

52. In the country the pulses were stored 1.5 lakh tonnes before 2014, when Modi arrived, it increased to 20 lakh tonnes

53. Two lakhs life insurance benefit for five and a half million people.

54. The Modi government has reduced stunt prices to benefit the common man suffering from heart disease.
The average maximum stunt price of Rs 1,21,000 currently is Rs 27,890. Implants used in the treatment of knee replacement cost the cost of equipment by the central government.

55. There were two mobile manufacturing companies in the country before Modi became Prime Minister. There are now 268 mobile manufacturing companies. This will save Rs 3 lakh crore foreign exchange savings! There are about 10 lakh jobs in these companies!

56. Under the Prime Minister’s Seal Yojana Scheme, banks have lent over Rs 7 lakhs 23,000 crores to 12 crore small traders across the country. # “Businessmen” in Andhra Pradesh through “22,58,473” # printers scheme. (As of May 2018)

57. Stand-Up India: This scheme will provide loans up to Rs 1 crore for women / SC / ST / OBC businessmen. 9 crore women have benefited from the stamp & stand-up-India

58. Electricity has been provided to 18,000 villages without electricity in the country.

59. The country’s panchayats have been given free 43 billion LED bulbs for November 2018. Every LED bulb is lit on your street!

60. During 2004- 2014, there were 52 terrorist attacks in India. In the past four and a half years, militants have not been bombed, except in Kashmir. In 2018, the Army has killed 260 militants in Kashmir.

61. The POSCO Act which imposes death penalty for girls for rape.

62. The Central Government gives Rs. 6000 / – for the 50 lakh pregnant women per year by the Prime Minister’s Parenting Scheme.

63. The bank has collected Rs 3,00,000 crore dues from 2100 companies due to the bank’s bank bill!

64. The black money center has been seized in the last 4 years for Rs 2,12,360 crore!

65. 30 million (30,000,000) fake gas connection customers have been eliminated!

66. Sukanya Yojana, a pension scheme for female students, for self-reliance and a pension scheme for poor people, such as the Pension Yojana.

67. Established 5,000 biogas plants across the country. Compressed biogas for vehicles for reducing petrol and diesel consumption.

68. Distribution of tractors for farmers, Thanq CM sir Cars, buffalo and sheep subsidy funds are the central government of the whole of the unemployed!

69. The urea block market is bumped due to neutralization of urea. Who is the reason

70. The average excise tax under the 60-year rule is 31.5% (excise 12.5% + watt 14.5% + cest 2%) from 31%. Now 18% of total tax is brought under the GST.

71. The IT department has conducted nearly 30,000 attacks against those who have been in the past three years. The central government has revealed that it has seized about Rs 33,000 crore illegal money.

72. Over 80 lakh pregnant women are given vaccination vaccines annually.

73. The use of Israeli methods for the Indian Army, which provides many advanced weapons, is the central government.

74. In the Army, amendments were made under one rank and one pension.

75. BSNL Expansion and Modernization. The profitability of the Air India Company.

76. Unilateral agreements with Russia, Japan, Canada and France in a separate way to deal with nuclear policies.

77 Indian Railways are modernized and driven by profitability. CC Tv cameras for safety in trains.

78. Establishment of Indian Postal Payment Bank.

79. Modi has provided 10% reservation in education and jobs for economically backward classes.

80. The paid maternity leave for pregnant women has been extended to 26 weeks.India is one of the countries where most of the maternity leave is in the world

81. Soil Health Cards have been given to 15 crore farmers for higher yield

82. In the year 2017, PMBBY has provided insurance to crops for Rabi & Kharif for 5 crore 71 lakh farmers

83. Dean Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoth Scheme.

84. Uranium deal with Australia.

85). Increase salary of Grameen Dhaka Sevak Workers by 7th PAY Commission

86. Increasing military bunkers structures at Indo-Pak border.

87. Agreements to create an anti-nuclear armamine with nations.

88). The Indian economy is in the 10th position in 2014 and the sixth in 2017.

89. Interest rate for Home Loans four years ago: 10.3%, now it is 8.65%.

90). Railway engines manufacture our country as part of Modi’s launch in India. We have 300 railway engines in Iran

91. Average Government Inflation in Government Administration: 10.65%, in Modi’s administration: 4.67%.

92). A total of Rs 65,000 crore loan to 93 projects: NABARD.
The National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (NABARD) has approved a Rs 65,634.93 crore loan for 93 prior irrigation projects in various states under Prime Minister Krishi Sikai Yojana (PMKSY).

93. India has 99 positions before 2014 in countries with no power cuts all over the world today.

94. Congress bought LED bulbs at Rs.350. The BJP government has bought the LED bulbs for Rs.

95. The Solar Power Unit at Congress rule is Rs.12-15. 2 / -.

96. Bank accounts for 35 crore people in the country under Jana Dhan Yojana. These accounts accounted for 87,033 crore deposits. Without intermediaries, 431 scheme beneficiaries will be directly credited to bank accounts.

97. 900 km to Charm Dham Shrine. The highway is being built

98. India has got a place in the World Armed Exporters’ Alliance. We can export weapons to our country.

99). 2% interest subsidy for seafood and dairy industries, plus an additional 3% interest discounted payments. This means that these 5% goes up by 4% (PAVA) loan.This same subsidy applies to the re-schedule.

*** 100. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “If Modi wins again, it’s hard for Pakistan to do that, so Congress must win in India.”
“If Modi wins again Pakistan will not be there,” Kejriwal said. If Congress wins the elections in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan Rashtrakal, they are celebrating in Pakistan and funeral of Modi. Modi has been giving financial aid to Pakistan from the US and other countries. Imran is also selling a used car for a Pakistani Prime Minister.China has sold the donkeys and the money is liable for the debt with the money.Although Modi has twice been a ‘surgical strike’, Pakistan has not even supported one country! Pakistan is not sleeping when Modi’s name is mentioned. What’s more, Modi wants to win again?

I say 100, another is 116 ..

“Hindustan left slowly intoxicating”

Neighbors have made plans for anti-Modi campaign. China, which costs 25 billion dollars That treasure is distributed to the anti-Hindu media as per reference. In fact, the anti-Hindu media has already signed a big deal. Some media outlets have already begun to make Pappu a leader, as the media has already begun to come up with Kammy.
If Modi won again in 2019, there was fear that China would be gripped over Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Chinese goods sales have already fallen. If Modi reboots, sales are harder than that … Narendra Modi has started campaigning against China!

Goodbye to me ..
Jaishim Jai Hind ..!

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