Sahayog Bharati Career Guidance camp Sanath Nagar

Initial seed of thought

It was not really a serious thought out activity. Then as we started toying with the thought, realized how useful it would be for Swayamsevaks in my shakha.

Soon we realized that this will be useful for all aspiring young we could get in touch over every possible aspirants.

This was not possible without active mentoring, provision of resources/links/contacts, People who proactively helped as the event truly showed the sangh wins spirit in every Swayamsevak.

Scheduled Activity


Yaswant singing national song Vande Mataram.

Aim of interacting with aspirants was to ensure all have benefited and none feels small/hurt.

Resume review – Do and don’t

Resume collected from aspirants and good things and mistakes in resume shared without referring to any name.

*Resume Review:*

This section focused on a set of *generic* guidelines, which are essential for a winning resume.

Following was a partial list of guidelines (which included dos and don’ts, tips):
➡ Recommended length (number of pages) and structure (various sections in sequence).
➡ Information not recommended to be included.
➡ How to manage education/employment gaps?
➡ What to write if one’ is a fresher?
➡ Difference between a resume and a CV.

There Was an interesting Q&A session which was highlight since the participants took part actively.

One to one resume review and mock interview was done 5 panel (each panel with 2 panelists). This made the activity effective, quick and true team work.

*Mock Interview*:

This section focused on interviewing each event participant along the following assessment parameters:
➡ Communication skills
➡ First-three minutes start
➡ Conceptual/101 ability in primary skill areas
➡ Behavioral/interpersonal skills
➡ Specific review/feedback on resume.

Conclusive talk

The conclusive talk gave all participants the much needed attitude, need of intrspecting self and make things happen with will and determination.

Video below is must to watch.

SAnghatam main shakti hei

Pradeep Kumar

Provided with all possible links, researchers, contacts to make this really a cake walk.

RaghuYeturi _ Parted his experience and guidance. Introduced me to Sahyog Bharati pan India wing which I thought was just a WhatsApp group.

Phani , Abhijeet and Anita.

Gave their valuable time to guide aspiring participants.

Extremely valuable guidance and tips on Resume writing.

One to one Mock interview for all participants.

Very decisive conclusion of the program with inspiring talk by Anita.

Review and Interview panel

Abhijeet , Phani , Anitha , Raghuyeturi, Bharat , Arya, Vivek, Ramesh.

Helped Prachar , arrangements

Venkat Garu, Piyush, Vivek, Brahmareddy, Raghuyeturi, Parshuram.

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